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A Mastermap plot is a hard copy, graphic map tailored to your needs.  The mapping is large scale and site-centred.  Produced from the Ordnance Survey topographic database, Mastermap can deliver customised graphic plots for anywhere in Great Britain.  Mastermap has a wide variety of uses including:

  • Project planning

  • Construction

  • Site location

  • Planning applications

  • Conveyancing

  • Surveying 

  • Land and estate management

  • Environmental research

The very latest available survey information.

  • Ordnance Survey make nearly 5,000 updates everyday, so you can be sure of getting the very latest map

Nationwide coverage

  • From city centres to upland moors, Mastermap covers the length and breadth of Great

Incredible detail and accuracy

  • You get the detail you need from large scale mapping, with the precision you would expect from the country's leading cartographers

Site centred

  • By placing your site at the centre of the plan, you see your area relative to its surroundings, plus detail no longer falls across sheet edges.  

  • It is also cost effective because you only pay for the area you want

Customised mapping

  • Mastermap can be delivered in a wide range of paper or film sizes.  Utilising the National Topographic Database, a plot can be produced at any scale, from 1:200 to 1:10 000 (original scales are 1:1250 in settlement areas, 1:2500 in rural areas and 1:10 000 in moorland areas).  

  • The plot size is only limited to the paper or film width and to a maximum length of 3 metres.  It can also be rotated to follow linear features

  • Plots can no longer be rotated but can be 'cookie cut' to take in only the area of interest

  • Pricing is infinitely variable, calculated from both the area of ground covered and the original survey scale of the mapping.  For example, the minimum price of £25.00 would purchase approximately 8.7 hectares of Settlement data or 31 hectares of Rural data.  

  • Full colour mapping is also now available at a small charge of £3.00.

  • If required, Mastermap can also be supplied as traditional National Grid sheets, for archive or library purposes, 1km x 1km in rural areas, 500m x 500m in urban areas

The area measurement service

  • This service enables you to select the area to be measured, this will be highlighted on your plan, area measurement in hectares and acres

The Map Shop offers a high quality one-to-one service to ensure your map is presented and delivered to meet your needs.  

  • Your Mastermap Plot can be ordered by:


Buying from The Map Shop you know you are getting the customised product that suits your requirements, with the highest level of service



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