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Ordnance Survey Historical Package


With this GroundSure Compete Historical Map Pack you have access to the most comprehensive collection of historical maps dating back to the 1840's.  This is a very popular product for customers who may have boundary disputes; and for customers who simply want a glimpse into history to see how their place of interest looked in the past.

The pack is comprised of approximately 22 A3 maps which can be downloaded in PDF format or printed on request.  They include all the available sheets for a particular location, at scales of 1:10,000, 1:10,560, 1:2,500 and 1:1,1250

The cost of this package is £135.00 + VAT

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Step by Step Guide

  • From the Products menu on the left-hand side, select Historical Maps

  • Under the Search Location tab, search for your location either with a postcode or typing the place or specific address

  • Under the Define Map Area tab, select 'Click Here' then click where you would like the centre of your historic mapping to be.  An address will appear, ensure this is correct, and amend if necessary.  

  • Two pink squares will also appear - the larger square indicates the coverage you get on an A3 1:10,000 sheet, the central, smaller square indicates the coverage you get on an A3 1:2500 sheet.

  • In the grey box in the bottom left corner of the screen under your Selected Products, click on 'Dates List - All Scales'.  This will give you the list of maps contained in the package under Product Listing directly above.

  • To view a preview of each map, open each map by clicking the small + symbol then clicking on the camera.  You can hover over the map to see a more zoomed in view.  A red outline will appear which indicates the area of the full original Ordnance Survey sheet.  Please note that the A3 sheet you download will cover the area indicated by the pink square where your green location marker is NOT the full red outlined sheet (if the sheet is 1:10,000 it will be the area shown by the larger pink square, and if the sheet is 1:2500 it will be the central pink square.

  • Once you are happy with the package, Click 'Get Price'.  Once the price shows click on 'Order Now'

  • If required enter a reference.  All other options are defaulted to the correct settings for your plan package

  • At the bottom right of the page you must tick the small box confirming that you accept the terms and conditions, then click on 'Place order'

  • Follow the on-screen payment instructions.'

  • To download your package, click on YOUR ACCOUNT in the top right corner of the screen.  Refresh status by clicking 'Update Order Status' until 'Pending' changes to 'Download'.  This may take a few moments to appear.  Click on 'Download' to get your maps as an attached zip file.


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