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Philip's Astro Box 
Containing the necessary you need to start the fascinating hobby of astronomy, this set features "Philip's Stargazing with a Telescope", "Philip's Star Finder", "Philip's Star Chart", and "Philip's Planisphere".


Philip's Stargazer - The complete Astronomy Map & Guide Pack
Includes - Philips Star Chart, a large attractive wall chart showing all the stars and constellations in three superb colour maps.  Philip's Planisphere, A practical starfinder for locating the stars, constellations and planets visible  on any night of the year.  Philips guide to the Northern Constellations, A brief guide to the stars and constellations of the northern sky



Philip's Atlas of the Universe - Sir Patrick Moore
Presents an account of the stars, the planets, and the universe, together with advice on observing the night sky. Useful for amateur astronomers, this edition includes information and images from the space missions, including Cassini. It is illustrated with hundreds of colour pictures, including photographs from ground-and space-based telescopes.



Philip's Astronomy Starter Pack
Exploring Stars and Planets
- A colourful and entertaining introduction to the exciting world of astronomy, this 80-page book is illustrated with more than 200 colour photos, artworks and maps, as author Ian Ridpath describes the latest developments in the fast-moving fields of space exploration and astoronomy
Glow-in-the-Dark  Planisphere - A fun and practical star finder for identifying the constellations and stars visible on any night of the year from the UK, Northern Europe, Northern USA and Canada (for latitude 51.5° North).
Solar System Poster - A large attractive folded wall chart, opening to 580 x 870mm, illustrating the fascinating planets and other bodies in our Solar System, including dwarf planets such as Pluto, visiting comets and the swarm of asteroids that lie between Mars and Jupiter, with informative text and tables



Philip's Astronomy Dictionary
Presents a comprehensive A - Z dictionary, covering various aspects of astronomy. This work contains more than 1,000 entries, ranging from aberration and ablation to Zond and Zwicky, and is illustrated with 250 colour photographs, diagrams, and tables. It is of interest to fans of astronomy, whether active observers or armchair enthusiasts.

£  9.99 Order
Philip's Guide to the Stars & Planets - Sir Patrick Moore
Written by one of the world's most famous astronomers, this comprehensive handbook contains colour star charts of all 88 constellations, plus new up-to-date location charts for the planets.
£  9.99 Order
Philips Mini Stargazer
A starter pack containing three essential items to begin enjoying the fascinating hobby of astronomy - Stargazing with Binoculars, Planisphere & a three map star chart
£  9.99 Order
Philips Deep Sky Observers Guide
More than 200 Deep Sky objects for users of binoculars or small telescopes.
£  9.99 Order
Philip's Pocket Star Atlas
Contains a series of maps showing the entire night sky, as well as useful astronomical data. This atlas presents the sky in a series of 16 maps, showing stars down to magnitude 5.5. This means that all stars are visible to the naked eye in semi-rural conditions.
£  4.99 Order
Philip's Practical Astronomy
This introduction to observational astronomy shows how to observe all kinds of celestial objects, from the planets and comets in our Solar System, to intriguing deep sky objects in the universe beyond
£  9.99 Order
Philip's Star Chart
The stars of the night sky in three detailed maps: the Northern and Southern hemispheres and the equatorial region.  All stars visible with the naked eye are shown.  An informative text explains how to use the charts throughout the year
£  6.99 Order
Philip's Stargazing with a Telescope
A straightforward, practical guide to telescopes and how to achieve the best results.  Full colour throughout.  Specially commissioned 'step by step' illustrations.  Easy-to-use star maps covering the whole sky.  Provides a list of objects to look at including the Sun, Moon, planets, comets, asteroids, stars, nebulae and galaxies
£  7.99 Order
Complete guide to Stargazing
Covers Binoculars, Telescopes and Accessories.  Exploring the Solar System.  The Stars and Deep Sky Objects.  Star Maps and Calendars.  A to Z of Astronomy
£25.00 Order
Philip's 10" Planisphere (Northern Hemisphere 51.5°)
The planisphere enables the user to locate stars, constellations and planets, and to work out sunrise and sunset times for every day of the year. The wallet is divided into two sections containing information on "Using the Planisphere" and "Exploring the Skies".

Planispheres for the Southern Hemisphere etc can be ordered

£11.99 Order
Philip's Moon Map 
This large-format map shows more than 500 physical features - craters, seas, mountain ranges, peaks, valleys and rilles and the landing sites of unmanned and manned spacecraft. There are tips on observation, explanations of the moons phases, and a small map of the dark side of the moon.
£  6.99 Order
Philip's Moon Observers Guide £  9.99 Order
Daily Telegraph - Night Sky Northern Hemisphere  (1000. 700mm)  -  Folded £  8.00 Order
Daily Telegraph - Night Sky Northern Hemisphere  (1000. 700mm)  -  Flat  £  8.00 Order


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