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Philip's Guide to the Stars & Planets - Sir Patrick Moore
Written by one of the world's most famous astronomers, this comprehensive handbook contains colour star charts of all 88 constellations, plus new up-to-date location charts for the planets.
£  9.99 Order
Philip's Practical Astronomy
This introduction to observational astronomy shows how to observe all kinds of celestial objects, from the planets and comets in our Solar System, to intriguing deep sky objects in the universe beyond
£  9.99 Order
Philip's Guide to the Northern Constellations
A guide to stars and constellations visible with the naked eye in the northern hemisphere, illustrated with simple ‘signpost’ maps to guide the reader around the night sky, for each season. Additional highlights include information on our solar system, as well as fascts about comets, meteors and the Universe.
£  3.50 Order
Philip's - The Urban Astronomy Guide - How to enjoy Astronomy when living in Urban areas
Philip’s The Urban Astronomy Guide provides the ideal introduction to the fascinating hobby of astronomy for the town dweller. These days, you don’t have to live close to a city or town centre to suffer from the effects of light pollution. From your back garden or rooftop observing site, your night sky will be illuminated by light from the surrounding city or town. And while, like everyone else, you will have to contend with the vagaries of the weather, you will have the added problem of poor air quality. But despite these difficulties, there is still a host of celestial delights to be seen!
In this book, author Robin Scagell shows that night-time lighting and the resultant brightening of the sky can be combated, and demonstrates how to make the best of poor conditions. Although the unaided eye may be able to pick out only a few hundred stars, binoculars or a small telescope will reveal many times that number. A little optical aid can also give you good views of every type of major astronomical object, including star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.
For example, for those who want to develop their interest further, there are special filters that let through the light from distant nebulae while blocking out wavelengths infested by unwanted stray light from streetlights. And modern CCDs allow modest amateur telescopes to penetrate the urban sky glow and reveal sights that would have taxed the largest professional instruments only 30 years or so ago.
Philip’s The Urban Astronomy Guide will show you how to get the most out of almost any sky with whatever equipment you have, or even with none at all.
£  9.99 Order
Philip's 10" Planisphere (Northern Hemisphere 51.5°)
The planisphere enables the user to locate stars, constellations and planets, and to work out sunrise and sunset times for every day of the year. The wallet is divided into two sections containing information on "Using the Planisphere" and "Exploring the Skies".

Planispheres for the Southern Hemisphere etc can be ordered

£12.99 Order
Philip's Moon Map 
This large-format map shows more than 500 physical features - craters, seas, mountain ranges, peaks, valleys and rilles and the landing sites of unmanned and manned spacecraft. There are tips on observation, explanations of the moons phases, and a small map of the dark side of the moon.
£  7.99 Order
National Geographic Moon Illuminated Globe

Moon Illuminated Globe
30cm Globe

Beautifully made lunar globe displaying the craters, mountains and seas of the moons surface.  Also identifies key locations of human missions to the moon.

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30cm Stellare Plus Globe

Stellare Plus Illuminated Globe
30cm Globe

Constellations are indicated by scientific and astrological names.  When the light is on icons of zodiacal signs show through.  This globe has a wooden base and metal looking arc

£79.99 incl. VAT - ORDER
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