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Chief Consultant Professor Charles F. Gritzner
610 x 469 mm (18.5 x 24 inches), portrait
580 pages, cased and jacketed
350,000 words
Over 800 photographs and illustrations
355 maps of 194 countries
4 x 6 ft (1.8 metre) Gatefolds


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Times - Comprehensive Atlas of the World
The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World is universally recognised as the world's most prestigious and authoritative reference atlas. Since it's first edition in 1967 it has sold over 1 million copies.  The 10th edition, published in 1999, was the first completely new edition of the atlas since its introduction. Now this fully revised 11th edition brings all the reference maps and detailed thematic information completely up to date. The preliminary section is introduced by unique satellite images of the continents and continues with a series of maps, images, photographs and graphics which present a detailed picture of today's physical world and man's interaction with it. The section also includes an account of the evolution of world maps and of significant developments in cartography, and concludes with detailed geographical information on the world's physical features and the world's states and territories. The reference maps, produced in the distinctive and authoritative Times style, present the most accurate and up-to-date representation of our knowledge of the earth today. The areas shown, and the scale and map projection of each plate, have been specifically chosen to give the best representation of each geographical area. The maps now include a brand new map of the world’s physical features. The gazetteer-index to over 200,000 place names and geographical features illustrates the unique scope of the atlas. It includes full cross-referencing with alternative and former names, geographical coordinates of every settlement shown on the maps, and a comprehensive glossary of geographical terms. The atlas includes: o 72 page introductory section o 250 pages of reference maps of continents, countries and oceans o 224 page gazetteer index to over 200,000 place names and geographical features
£50.00 Times - Atlas of the World (Universal edition)
Main features:

• A unique collection of maps from the last 150 years of Times atlases will be included in a historical mapping section. This feature is a first for world atlases and will dramatically illustrate the rapidly changing world we live in.
• The latest satellite images will be showcased in the imagery section with 32 pages of stunning images.
• Updated plans of 32 of the world's great cities are also included.
• Geographical reference section with flags, statistics and facts for all the world’s countries.
• Comprehensive index to over 50,000 place names.


Times - Atlas of the World  (Desktop edition)
Main features:
• Detailed, clearly designed mapping
• Fascinating information on contemporary themes, from weather patterns to population growth
• Invaluable guide to the world's states and territories
• Wide range of topics covered in the world facts and figures section
• Extensive index to over 25 000 place names and features
£10.99   Collins Essential - World Atlas - Paperback
£12.99   Insight Pocket World Atlas
£  11.99

Philips - Modern School Atlas
Backed up by numerous charts, graphs, tables, satellite imagery and thematic maps, this school atlas provides highly detailed mapping of the world. The material has been updated for the 94th edition and is designed for use in the classroom or at home.
£   8.99 Philips - Students Atlas
"Philip's Student Atlas" has been specially created for lower-secondary geography students (11-14 year olds). It is ideal for work leading up to GCSE (England and Wales) and Standard Grade (Scotland): National Curriculum Key Stage 3. The maps have been carefully designed so they are uncluttered and easy to read, containing specially selected place names and detail. A clear set of symbols and scale information accompanies each map and there is a useful introductory section covering basic atlas skills, including aerial photographs and satellite images to further explain particular features on the maps. Fully up-to-date, the atlas comprises a 16-page UK and Ireland section and a 42-page World section. Detailed regional maps, charts and satellite images of Europe, Italy, the Middle East, China, Japan, Kenya, USA, Brazil, and the Arctic and Antarctica are included, focusing on areas of special interest for students of geography, such as Japan's volcanoes and earthquakes, conservation in Kenya, and water supply in the USA. "Philip's Student Atlas" is ideal for special project work, featuring an informative section of world thematic maps on the environment, climate change, people, quality of life, and energy. Latitude and longitude co-ordinates are included in the index, alongside figure-letter references.
Now £30.00
  Philips - Atlas of the World
  • 100 Thematic Pages
  • 30 pages of City Plans
  • 190 Pages of Maps
  • 120 Index Pages
£  14.99

£  12.99

Philips - World Atlas 
With 96 pages of authoritative world maps, a comprehensive index, 69 city maps, and a thematic section providing information on topics covered in geography, humanities and economics courses, Philip's World Atlas is recommended for students as well as for general home reference. The 96 pages of physical and political maps give a balanced coverage of the world at well-chosen scales. The hill-shading on the physical maps provides an exceptionally vivid portrayal of landforms. The 32-page introductory section - 'The World in Focus' - covers key geographical themes such as the Earth's position in the Solar System, the structure of the Earth, climate and weather, the environment, population, resources, economics and international organizations. The 48-page 'World Cities' section provides urban-area and city-centre maps marking tourist sites for 69 of the world's most important cities, backed up by a comprehensive index. Full-page satellite images for 9 of the cities featured complete this section. The 35,000-name index includes geographical features as well as towns and cities, with both letter-figure grid references and latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

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