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Geological Maps - Online

Listed below are some of the Geological maps and guides which we keep in stock.  
If you cannot see the item you require here, please contact us.

British Geological 1:50 000 Mapping  -  £12.00 each    View PDF File for index

Not yet available for the whole of the UK.

Geological maps show the nature, extent and relative stratigraphical age of the different rocks within a district.  For England and Wales (and Northern Ireland), map sheets normally cover an area 30 km east-west and 20 km north-south; in Scotland, the coverage is 20 km east-west and 30 km north-south.  The 1:50 000 geological map grids are based on an early Ordnance Survey 1:63 360 scale map (one inch to one mile) grid, and are not related to the current OS 1:50 000 map sheets.  'Special' geological sheets are produced for areas of major geological interest which are covered by more than one 'normal' map sheet, provide a composite map of the district and may be available in different versions.

'Provisional' maps, which may include substantial but not complete revision of the geology; are indicated by (P) and are recognised by the integral yellow cover

Please contact us to check the availability of Geological Memoirs, Sheet Explanations etc


World Heritage Coast (Dorset/Devon) - BGS Geology Memoir - £24.00
Bedrock Geology Small Scale Maps for the UK - £10.00 each - Available Flat or Folded

1:625 000 Bedrock Geology Map of the UK  - These maps (at an approximate scale of ten miles to one inch) provide coverage of the solid geology of the UK over two map sheets; North or South.   Please state which sheet is required when ordering.

Also available with an explanatory booklet - Price £15.00

Quaternary and 'Drift' Small Scale Maps for the UK - £9.95 each - Available Flat or Folded

1:625 000 Quaternary Geology Map of the UK - These maps complement the Solid Geology Maps of the UK (North or South) listed above.  They show the broad extent of major onshore Quaternary (drift) deposits and are over-printed to indicate localities where industrial sand and gravel has been of particular importance


Geological Map of British Isles - Folded  -  1/1 584 000 - Overview of bedrock geology - £5.95
British Isles Geology Wall Map (Solid Geology) - £5.95

This map shows the solid geology of the whole British Isles on one poster sized sheet (Approx. size 64 cm x 90 cm)

William Smith's County Geology Wall Map - Gloucestershire - £7.50

The original map was produced in 1820; this reproduction in 1993, from a copy held at the Natural History Museum in London.
Poster size: 50 x 56 cm (portrait format).

William Smith's County Geology Wall Map - Oxfordshire - £7.50

Poster size: 55 x 54 cm


Geological Map of Britain - £12.95
1815-2015 BiCentennial Edition - Modern Bedrock Geology in style of William Smith
William Smith’s 1815 geological Map of England and Wales with part of Scotland (reproduction) - £15.00

A Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales with part of Scotland; exhibiting the collieries and mines, the marshes and fen lands originally overflowed by the sea, and the Varieties of Soil according to the variations in the Substrata, illustrated by the most Descriptive Names by W Smith

We are delighted to be able to offer a reproduction of William Smith's famous 1815 geological map of 'England and Wales with part of Scotland' (series 53, issued between 2nd Nov 1815 and 17th Dec 1815). Smith's 1815 map was the subject of Simon Winchester's Map that Changed the World. This map was never published as a single sheet. The large size of the original map and the size of the printing presses in the early 19th century meant that it had to be published in fifteen sections, each folded into six 'panels'. We have scanned the original panels held in the BGS Library, and digitally removed the joins. At its original scale of five miles to the inch, the map would have been eight feet long by six feet wide if it had ever been published as a single sheet. Our reproduction is published at half scale: ten miles to the inch, and is colour-matched to the original. The original maps are valuable and fragile; viewing is by appointment only. Now this beautiful half-scale reproduction means that Smith's achievement can, at long last, be widely appreciated.

The reproduction map size is 1330 x 930mm (portrait)

Small Image

Due to new postage regulations we are now unable to dispatch the Flat map by 1st class delivery.
Unfortunately we are not able to send the flat map to overseas addresses because of the size.

Folded version now available at £12.95

William Smith’s 1820 Geological Map of England and Wales (reproduction) - £10.00

A New Geological Map of England and Wales, with the Inland Navigations; Exhibiting the Districts of Coal and other Sites of Mineral Tonnage.
By W Smith, Engineer. 1820.

This map has been reproduced from an original of William Smith's 1820 map held in the BGS Library in Keyworth. The original was split into sections, mounted on linen and folded. This reproduction has had the section-marks and folds digitally removed, is the same size as the original, and is colour-matched.

Poster size: 76.5 cm x 63.5 cm (portrait format).

Small Image


Scottish Natural Heritage - Orkney & Shetland - BGS - £7.95

West Cornwall: A Landscape for leisure - £4.95
This guidebook describes the geology, scenery and mining history of West Cornwall and illustrates how these are linked to aspects of the natural and social history of the region.

Exploring the landscapes of Assynt (Map & Guide) - £12.00
The wild landscape of Assynt is one of Britain's most beautiful areas; home to Britain's oldest rocks - the basement rock of the area, the Lewisian Gneiss, was formed an amazing 3000 million years ago.  Over time, the area has gone through mountain-building, been submerged beneath shallow tropical seas, has collided with continents, and been massively eroded by ice, before the first people took up residence there around 2500 years ago.  
This unique book and map pack describes eight walks in Assynt, ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging.  These are described in detail, and illustrated with photographs and paintings.
The fold-out colour map shows the different rock types which make up the area and has the walks and other sites of interest marked.  A5-sized; 55 pages with full colour illustrations.

Earthquakes - our trembling planet - £6.50
Earthquakes are in the news, even in Britain.  This book helps those who want to get to grips with all aspects of the subject in laymans' terms.

Fossils - the story of life - £6.50
This book focuses on British fossils and the story of life on our islands.  Includes details of the great fossil collections of Britain.  Over 100 colour photos and illustrations.

Groundwater - our hidden asset - £6.50
Many areas of the UK are dependent on groundwater for their water supplies.  This book explains clearly how and where groundwater occurs, how it is used and how it is at risk.

Whisky on the rocks - origins of the water of life - £6.50
Malt Whisky distilleries use local waters which have percolated through the ancient rocks of Scotland.  This book describes the geology of Scotland and Northern Ireland in relation to the important malt whisky producing districts, and offers new insights into the influences on the taste of a good single malt.  Fully illustrated throughout by renowned wildlife artist Richard Bell.

Yorkshire Rock - a journey through time - £6.50
Yorkshire is England's largest county.  Everywhere in Yorkshire there are clues to vanished worlds in the rocks, fossils and landforms.  This book is an accessible guide to the geology of the county


Classic Landform Guide Series - £12.99 each
Published the the GA in conjunction with the British Geomorphological Research Group.  Each guide, prepared by a subject expert, has full colour photographs, high quality original cartography and illustration and, with the support of the Ordnance Survey, the Ordnance Survey Ireland and the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland - map extracts.  All titles in this series include a glossary of terma snd ideas for further reading.  Ideal for post-16 geography students and the educated amateur.  The following titles are currently available.

Brecon Beacons
Burren Karst
Dark Peak
East Dorset
Lake District
North Devon
South Devon
West Dorset
White Peak
Yorks Coast & East Riding

Holiday Geology Guides & Maps - £1.95 each
These concise guidecards provide a wealth of information on the geology of many popular tourist areas of England, ranging from heritage coasts to London's historic buildings.  They feature colour diagrams and photographs and are produced as folded A3 laminated cards.  The following titles are currently available -
Beer & Seaton North York Moors
Cornish Pebbles Peak District Map
Greenwich St. Ives to Cape Cornwall
Isle of Wight Map
Isle of Wight Guide Stonehenge
St. Paul's
Lake District Story The Tower
Lands End Trafalgar Square
Lulworth Cove Westminster
Lyme Regis
Mining in West Cornwall
Mounts Bay


Geology & Building Stones - £1.95 each
Folded A3 Guide Cards - The following titles are available in this series

Geology & Building Stones in Wales - North
Geology & Building Stones in Wales - South
Nottingham: Heritage in Stone


Holiday Geology - Overseas - £2.50 each

Falkland Islands - Offshore geology and exploration
Falkland Islands: reading the rocks - a geological travelogue
Falkland Islands: stone runs - rock in the landscape
Fossils form the Falkland Islands
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - rocky enigmas in the South Atlantic explained
South Georgia: a landscape from rock, ice and sea
South Georgia: the rocks and fossils


Discovering Geology Fossil Focus Guides - £1.95 each
These concise guidecards provide a wealth of information on major fossil groups found in Britain and Europe, including trilobites, ammonites, fish, corals and plants.   They feature many colour diagrams and photographs and are produced as folded A3 laminated cards.  The following titles are currently available.
Ammonites Fish
Bivalves Foraminifera
Belemnites Gastropods
Brachiopods Graptolites
Corals Ostracods
Crinoids Plants
Echinoids Trilobites
Herefordshire and Worcestershire RIGS Group (RIGS - Regionally important Geological/Geomorphological sites) - mostly £1.95 each.
The following 'Explore' titles are currently available.

Abberley Village Churches - Building Stones and Geology Trail - £2.00
Bewdley Town Centre - Building Stones and Geology Trail
Broadway - Building Stones Trail
Clent Hills - Building Stones and Geology Trail - £2.00
Goodrich Castle - Building Stones Trail
Great Malvern - Building Stones Trail
Hereford Cathedral - Building Stones Trail
Hereford City Centre - Building Stones Trail
Worcester Cathedral - Building Stones Trail
Worcester City Centre - Building Stones Trail

Abberley  Hill - Landscape & Geology Trail
Bredon Hill (West) - Landscape and Geology Trail
Byton and Kinsham - Landscape and Geology Trail
Frome Valley - Geology & Landscape Discovery Guide - River Frome from source to the point where it joins the River Lugg - Price £2.00
Hampton Bishop - Geology, River & Landscape Trail
Explore Kington & Hergest - Price £2.00
Lickey Hills - Landscape & Geology Trail
The Malvern Hills (1) - Landscape and Geology by car or cycle
The Malvern Hills (2) - Geology & Landscape Trail - Covers the area around Midsummer Hill at the Southern end of the Malverns - Price £2.00
Queenswood & Bodenham - Landscape & Geology Trail
Ross-on-Wye - Landscape & Geology Trail
Severn Valley Railway - Landscape and Geology Trail
Symonds Yat - Landscape and Geology Trail
Wigmore Glacial Lake - Landscape and Geology Trail
Woolhope Dome - Landscape & Geology Trail
Wyche and Purlieu - Geology and Landscape Trail
Wye Gorge - Landscapes and Geology Trail

The Geopark Way - £9.95 - 109 Walking trail through the Abberley & Malvern Hills Geopark
Abberley & Malvern Hills - Geopark Map 1/100 000 (H.W.E.H.T BGS) - £6.00
Gloucestershire Uncovered  - Rural Geology Trail - £1.95 each

Cleeve Common - Cheltenham
Crickley Hill - Cotswolds
Leckhampton Hill - Cheltenham
Robinswood Hill - Gloucester
Soudley Valley - Forest of Dean


£  5.20   1/250 000 O/S Northern Ireland - Soil Survey Map  
£  5.00   1/50 000 Landscape & Rocks of Burren - Geological Survey Ireland  
£10.00   1/500 000 Bedrock Geology Map of Ireland  
£25.00 each 1/100 000 Bedrock Geology Ireland - Series of 24 Maps with Guides View Index


£24.00 - International Geological Map of Europe - Scale 1/5 000 000 - (Folded)
£24.00 - International Geological Map of Europe - Scale 1/10 000 000 - (Flat)


£  16.00 1/50 000 000 World Geology Map - BGS Unesco Mapping Paper Geological 580  x  1200 mm   Order
£  50.00 1/25 000 000 Geological Map of the World (3 Sheet Set) Paper Geological 2940 x 1000 mm Image Order


£15.00 - UKSeaMap - The mapping of seabed and water column features of UK seas (A4 Book) - by Joint Nature Conservation Committee

We also stock the following - Soil Survey, Hydrogeological & Ground Water Vulnerability
Overseas Geological Mapping

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