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£  9.99 The Book of the Bivvy - by Ronald Turnball          

A guidebook on bivvybag skills and expeditions. Accounts of bivvybag nights and expeditions, both nice and nasty, alternate with practical chapters on lightweight kit. Finally a selection of bivvybag expeditions. Hilarious (and informative) reading! An updated second edition.


£8.99 - 

Map Addict  by Mike Parker

'My name is Mike and I am a map addict. There, it's said…'

Maps not only show the world, they help it turn. On an average day, we will consult some form of map approximately a dozen times, often without even noticing: checking the A-Z, the road atlas or the Sat Nav, scanning the tube or bus map, a quick Google online or hours wasted flying over a virtual Earth, navigating a way around a shopping centre, watching the weather forecast, planning a walk or a trip, catching up on the news, booking a holiday or hotel. Maps pepper logos, advertisements, illustrations, books, web pages and newspaper and magazine articles: they are a cipher for every area of human existence. At a stroke, they convey precise information about topography, layout, history, politics and power. They are the unsung heroes of life: Map Addict sings their song. There are some fine, dry tomes out there about the history and development of cartography: this is not one of them. Map Addict mixes wry observation with hard fact and considerable research, unearthing the offbeat, the unusual and the downright pedantic in a celebration of all things maps. In Map Addict, we learn the location of what has officially been named by the OS as the most boring square kilometre in the land; we visit the town fractured into dozens of little parcels of land split between two different countries and trek around many other weird borders of Britain and Europe; we test the theories that the new city of Milton Keynes was built to a pagan alignment and that women can't read maps. Combining history, travel, politics, memoir and oblique observation in a highly readable, and often very funny, style, Mike Parker confesses how his own impressive map collection was founded on a virulent teenage shoplifting habit, ponders how a good leftie can be so gung-ho about British cartographic imperialism and wages a one-man war against the moronic blandishments of the Sat Nav age.

Hardback - Currently out of print

Paperback - Order

£18.95 UK Trailwalkers Handbook The UK Trailwalker’s Handbook is a directory of long-distance paths (LDPs) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compiled by the Long Distance Walkers’ Association (LDWA), covering 730 national trails, long-distance paths and anytime challenges, with regional overview maps and an index of walking guide publishers and support companies. Cicerone Press


£15.00 Outdoor Discovery fundamentals of navigation taught in an enjoyable and engaging way.  Active exploration with a map Award Scheme Handbook  Harvey


£18.99 Mountaincraft & Leadership A vast array of techniques, essential information and useful advice is contained in chapters ranging from Navigation, Campcraft and Expeditions, River Crossing, Mountain Weather and Party Leadership to Snow and Avalanches.  The text is illustrated throughout with step-by-step diagrams, charts and tables MLTE and MLTS


£16.99 Hill Walking The Official Handbook of the Mountain Leader and Walking Group Leader Schemes - Packed with essential information and techniques.  The book is a reference tool for every walker as well as for those who wish to lead in the hills.  Its functional design with easy-reference colour-coded pages, striking illustrations that complement the text and accurate relief and line maps make this book and indispensable guide to the skills required for summer hill walking Mountain Leaders Training UK / Cordee


£14.00 The Hillwalkers Guide to Mountaineering Essential Skills for Britain's Classic Routes - This guide features the techniques, gear and approaches that the active and ambitious hill walker needs to be equipped with to competently tackle Britain's classic mountaineering challenges.  Leads the hill walker through technical terrain where the unaware can all too easily get into difficulties - awkward grade 1-3 scrambling territory.  Covers use of the rope to abseil, belay and protect ascents and descents on steep ground, the placement of protection, gear selection, navigation, survival, scrambling and first aid skills in a highly practical manner.  Describes the basic skills required for safe travel by the winter hill walker.  The guides goes on to feature a dozen great British mountaineering routes, which are characterised by an increasing level of difficulty and commitment.

Cicerone Press Guide


£12.95 The Hillwalker's Manual A definitive Source of Reference - To experience the hills at their best and enjoy them full, whatever the conditions, the walker must be properly prepared, equipped and informed.  This manual describes what to wear and how to use the right equipment, how to navigate terrain, scale and traverse the hills, and imparts an overall awareness of the concept of survival.  It also includes information on hill walking photography. Cicerone Press Guide


£14.95 Map and Compass  The Art of Navigation - This comprehensive guide to navigation is aimed at giving you the skills and incentive to get out and experience the outdoors.  With the author's own anecdotes and handy hints close by, those new to using the map and compass, and those who have already mastered navigational techniques, will find this guide inspiration enough to get 'out there' and experience the outdoors safely and with fun. Cicerone Press Guide


£11.99 Map Reading Skills With Ordnanace Survey maps now showing open access areas which walkers can explore freely, there has never been a better time to enjoy the countryside. And here is the ideal guide to help you do just that. This book is the perfect solution for walkers who want to learn basic map reading and navigation skills and discover how to use and get the best from their compass. The guide is fully illustrated with maps, diagrams and photographs.
Jarrold Publishing


£  4.99 GPS - The Easy Way A compass points North, but a GPS tells you where you are, where you have been, and can show you where you want to go.  A 'simple' guide to understanding the GPS Discovery Guides


£11.99 GPS for Walkers An introduction to gps and digital maps - Covers
  • How to use a gps with Pathfinder walks
  • how a gps functions
  • how to navigate using a gps
  • its practical uses when walking
  • how a gps can be used with a PC
  • the use of digital map products such as Anquet and Memory-Map 
  • Map reading
  • useful websites and FAQ fact boxes
  • the popular treasure-hunt game geocaching
Jarrold Publishing


£11.99 GPS for Walkers in Western Europe by Clive Thomas
  Your essential companion to walking safely in Europe, this clear and easy-to-follow guide to using your GPS abroad is written by Clive Thomas, author of the best-selling Pathfinder Guide GPS for Walkers. It provides a fundamental understanding of the UTM map co-ordinate system used widely on continental walking maps, without which you will not be able to use your GPS in Europe. The book covers the basics of GPS and using your GPS abroad; using the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) co-ordinate system; gives money saving advice on buying the best European walking maps; outlines various European digital mapping programs and how to use them with your GPS; lists top tips for walking safely and enjoyably in Europe; and provides a glossary of GPS related terms.
Pathfinder Guide


£41.99 Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems esigned to make the complexity of this rapidly growing high tech field accessible to beginning students, this text provides a basic, non-technical and student-friendly introduction to GIS. The book clearly links theory and practice, and helps link the material to the real world by providing interviews with practicing GIS professionals. It features clear, simple explanations, an abundance of illustrations and photos, extensive chapter-end study aids, and generic laboratory assignments for use with any GIS software.

Each copy of the book comes with a free, 120 day version of ArcVIEW 3.  

Prentice Hall


£  7.99 Snow & Ice Techniques All you need to know about winter equipment, how to use it and when.  Emphasis on self-arrest. Cicerone Press Guide


£  8.99 Weather to Travel The Travellers guide to the world's weather.  Weather profiles and what to wear for 205 countries Tomorrows Red Books



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