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General country maps - For detailed walking maps see below
£  6.99   1/1 200 000 Sweden - Michelin Map No 753  BUY  
£11.50   1/600 000 Sweden - Freytag & Berndt  BUY  
£  6.99   1/1 500 000 Scandinavia & Finland  - Michelin Map No 711 BUY  
£13.00 each 1/250 000 Regional Road Maps of Sweden - Bil & Turist
  1 - Southern Sweden
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  2 - Southwest Sweden BUY
  3 - Southeast Sweden BUY
  4 - Central Sweden BUY
  5 - Northern Sweden - 1:400 000 BUY
  6 - Lapland - 1:400 000 BUY
£13.00   1/100 000 Gotland  - Bil & Turist BUY  
£13.00   1/700 000 Nordkalotten  - Bil & Turist BUY  
£13.00   1/100 000 Oland  - Bil & Turist BUY  
£13.00   1/150 000 Skane & Ostra Sjallaud (Cented on Malmo) - Bil & Turist BUY  
£11.50   1/900 000 Road Map of Sweden (indexed) BUY  
£17.50   1/1 200 000 Flat Road Map of Sweden with shaded relief - Paper copy approx. size 620mm x 1355mm) BUY  
£17.50   1/2 000 000 Nordic Countries Road Map (Flat) with shaded relief BUY  
Detailed walking and cycling maps
£19.25 each 1/50 000 Norstedts Topo 50 Series - New series replacing series listed directly below.  Note - some in stock, most to order only
Map series consisting of 116 sheets with coverage of southern and central Sweden and the northern coastline.  The maps are suitable for outdoor and leisure activities such as hiking, excursions, trail running, fishing, riding, cycling, mountain biking and camping and show terrain information, hiking trails and illuminated tracks.
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£  5.00 each 1/50 000 Sweden 1:50k Series - (the N.W. Mountains are not covered at this scale see the 1/100 000 Mountain map series below) - 
Please note - this series is now out of print (reduced price) and replaced by the new Topo 50 series above
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£19.25 each   Sweden Outdoor Map Series - Covering the Mountain Region in the north and popular areas in Southern Sweden
Topographic outdoor series of 28 sheets with coverage in the mountainous area and popular recreation areas in southern Sweden.  The mountain sheets display specific mountain information, including marked summer and winter trails (inc. Kungsleden trail), itineraries suitable for snow scooters, bridges, fords and mountain cabins.  The southern sheets show trails and backroads and are suitable for hiking, canoeing and other recreational activities.  The maps are waterproof and tear resistant.  Available sheets are listed below -

NORTH - 1/75 000
1 - Abisko-Kebnekaise-Nikkaluokta










2 - Nikkaluokta-Sarek-Saltoluokta BUY
3 - Saltoluokta-Padjelanta-Kvikkjokk BUY
4 - Kvikkjokk-Jakkvik BUY
5 - Jakkvik-Ammarnas BUY
6 - Ammarnas-Hemavan-Lill-Bjorkvattnet BUY
7 - Borgefjell-Kittelfjall-Fatmomakke BUY
8 - Saxnas-Borgafjall-Gaddede BUY
9 - Gaddede-Hotagsfjallen-Follinge BUY
10 - Skackerfjallen-Storlien-Are BUY
11 - Jamtlandsfjallen BUY
12 - Ramundberget-Funasdalen-Vemdalen BUY
14 - Fulufjallet-Trysil-Salen BUY

SOUTH - 1/50 000

16 - Tocksfors-Arjang-Nysater
17 - Ed-Amal-Kopmannebro BUY
18 - Svinesund-Stromstad-Hamburgsund BUY
19 - Munkedal-Lysekil-Tjorn BUY
20 - Marstrand-Goteborg-Asa BUY
21 - Arkosund-Gryt-Vastervik BUY
22 - Nynashamn-Oxelosund-Arkosund BUY
24 - Sodra Stockholm BUY
26 - Norra Stockholm BUY
27 - Stockhoms skargard BUY
£16.50 each 1/100 000 Swedish Mountain Region Maps - Covering the NORTHERN part of the mountain chain.
Series consisting of 25 sheets adapted to summer and winter hiking trails, as well as ski trails and trails for snowscooters.  Additional information outlined on the reverse such as national parks, nature reserves, mountain safety, weather, nature conservation, GPS usage and suggested routes.  Note - the following sheets are still available (see also Sweden Outdoor Map Series and Calazo Mountain Series)
AC2 - Tarnaby, Hemavan, Ammarnas
BUY View Index - Northern
  AC4 - Fatmomakke, Saxnas BUY
  BD1 - Treriksroset, Rostojavri BUY
  BD4 - Kiruna BUY
  BD6 - Abisko, Kebnekaise, Narvik BUY
  BD7 - Sitasjaure, Ritsem BUY
  BD8 - Kebnekaise, Saltoluokta BUY
  BD9 - Padjelanta, Sulitelma BUY
  BD10 - Sareks nationalpark BUY
  BD11 - Tjamotis BUY
  BD12 - Arjeplog BUY
  BD14 - Kvikkjokk, Jakkvik BUY
  BD15 - Nasafjallet BUY
  BD16 - Vuoggatjalme, Ammarnas BUY
  W1 - Grovelsjon, Lofsdalen BUY
  W2 - Fulufjallet, Salen BUY
  Z1 - Stekenjokk, Gaddede BUY
  Z2 - Borgafjall, Risback BUY
  Z3 - Gaddede, Hotagsfjallen BUY
  Z4 - Skackerfjallen, Kall BUY
  Z5 - Akersjon, Kall BUY
  Z7 - Are, Valadalen, Bydalen BUY
  Z8 - Helags, Funasdalen, Rogen BUY
£17.50 each 1/50 000 Swedish Mountain Region Maps - Covering the SOUTHERN part of the mountain chain.
The 15 sheets are adapted to summer and winter hiking trails, as well as ski trails and trails for snowscooters.  Additional information outlined on the reverse such as national parks, nature reserves, mountain safety, weather, nature conservation, GPS usage and suggested routes.  Note - the following sheets are still available (see also Sweden Outdoor Map Series and Calazo Mountain Series)
W51 - Grovelsjon
BUY View Index - Southern
  W52 - Idre BUY
  W53 - Fulufjallet BUY
  W54 - Salen BUY
  Z51 - Are BUY
  Z52 - Storlien, Blahammaren BUY
  Z53 - Valadalsfjallen BUY
  Z54 - Sylarna BUY
  Z55 - Oviksfjallen BUY
  Z56 - Helags BUY
  Z57 - Funasdalen, Fjallnas BUY
  Z58 - Klovsjo / Vemdalen BUY
  Z60 - Lofsdalen BUY
  Z61 - Sonfjallet BUY
  Z62 - Akersjon BUY
£18.50 each

1/50 000

Calazo Mountain Map Series - Note-these are to order only
  Detailed mountain maps ideal for mountain hikers and cross-country skiers with detailed and highly accurate terrain information.  Summer and winter mountain trails are clearly marked, as well as ski tracks, snowmobile trails and mountain bike trails.
   Kungsleden: Kebnekaise, Abisko & Riksgransen
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   Kungsleden: Nikkaluokta, Ritsem & Vakkotavare BUY
   Kungsleden: Saltouluokta - Kvikkjokk BUY
   Kungsleden: Kvikkjokk - Adolfstrom BUY
   Kungsleden: Ammarnas - Hemavan BUY
   Padjelantaleden BUY
   Sareks national park BUY
   Pieskehaure, Miekak & Jakkvik BUY
   Vuoggatjalme, Nasafjall, Dalavardo BUY
   Tarnaby & Sodra Storfjallet BUY
   Muttos national park & Sjavnja naturreservat  -  Coverage BUY
   Kittelfjall, Marsfjallen och Klimpfjall BUY
   Borgafjall, Saxnas och Stekenjokk BUY
   Skackerfjallen & Offerdalsfjallen BUY
   Arefjallen & Storlien BUY
   Storlien, Sylarna, Helags & Ramundberget BUY
   Valadalen, Lunndorren & Oviksfjallen BUY
   Funasdalen, Sonfjallet & Lofsdalen BUY
   Vemdalen, Sonfjallet & Lofsdalen BUY
   Grovelsjon & Rogen BUY
   Idre & Lofsdalen BUY
   Salen & Fulufjallet BUY
£16.50 each 1/100 000 Sweden 1:100k Series - Note - this series is no longer in print; many sheets are still available BUY View Index
£18.75 each 1/90 000 Swedish Cycling Map Series - Covering Southern Sweden
This series covers Gotaland, large parts of Svealand and the area around Lake Siljan.  All the maps are detailed and contain suggestions for bike trails and contain information on attractions to visit and places to stay along the bike routes.  The maps are also waterproof and very easy to handle.  Note - these are mainly to order only.
  1)    Sydvastra Skane












  2)    Sydostra Skane BUY
  3)    Nordvastra Skane BUY
  4)    Nordostra Skane BUY
  5)    Blekinge BUY
  6)    Halland BUY
  7)    Sydvastra Smaland BUY
  8)    Sydostra Smaland BUY
  9)    Sodra Smalandskusten BUY
  10)  Oland BUY
  11)  Gotland (1/100 000) BUY
  12)  Vastergotland / Goteborg BUY
  13)  Sodra Vastergotland BUY
  14)  Vattern runt, sodra delen BUY
  15)  Nordostra Smaland BUY
  16)  Norra Smalandskusten BUY
  17)  Sodra Bohuslan BUY
  18)  Norra Vastergotland BUY
  19)  Gota Kanal BUY
  20)  Dalsland / Norra Bohuslan BUY
  21)  Vattern runt, norra delen BUY
  22)  Sodermanland /  Ostergotland BUY
  23)  Ostra Sodermanland BUY
  24)  Sodra Varmland BUY
  25)  Ostra Varmland / Narke BUY
  26)  Vastra Malaren / Hjalmaren BUY
  27)  Ostra Malaren BUY
  28)  Sodra Roslagen / Stockholm BUY
  29)  Norra Roslagen BUY
  30)  Siljan runt BUY
Street Maps
£13.75   1/25 000 Stockholm & surrounds - Norstedts Travel Map BUY  
£  7.50 1/13 000 Stockholm - Tourist Street Map (with public transport, and tourist information, and a street index) BUY
£  5.99 1/10 000 Stockholm - Insight Street Map (with must see sights, and full street index) BUY
£11.50   1/15 000 Stockholm - Freytag & Berndt Street Map (with full street index)  BUY  
£  8.00 1/10 000 Stockholm - Freytag & Berndt City Pocket Map (laminated, with additional tourist information) BUY
£  7.50 1/16 000 Malmo - Tourist Street Map (with public transport, and tourist information, and a street index) BUY
£  7.50 1/10 000 Goteborg - Tourist Street Map (with public transport, and tourist information, and a street index) BUY
Road Atlases
£34.50   1/200 000
1/250 000
1/400 000
Scandinavia - Freytag & Berndt Road Atlas (Spiral Bound)  BUY  
£22.25   Northern -
1/400 000
Southern - 1/250 000
Sweden - Freytag & Berndt Supertouring Atlas (Spiral Bound) BUY  
£15.99     Sweden - Lonely Planet Guide
   Part of the Lonely Planet Country Guide Series. An excellent guide to Scandinavia's largest country and provides the low-down on everything from the northern lights to Stockholm nightlife.
£16.99     Sweden - Rough Guide
   Covering both popular sights and those less well-known, this guide introduces Sweden's highlights with reviews of the best places to stay, eat and drink, plus 'authors' picks' to highlight the best options. It contains maps, and includes advice on exploring the scenery, including information on hiking, winter sports, and the national parks.
£  7.99     Stockholm - Insight Pocket Guide   
   This 96-page book offers an expert's guide to Stockholm, with 12 city itineraries linking its major highlights. It includes three suggested excursions beyond the city include Uppsala, Mariefred and Uta. It also includes a chapter detailing Sweden's history and culture, as well as leisure-time suggestions and a comprehensive information section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. Plus dozens of full-colour photographs and 10 maps, including a detailed pull-out regional map
£17.99     Lapland - Bradt Guide
  The Bradt guide to Lapland covers places and activities in the remote outposts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, together with background information to help travellers understand the Sámi cultures. Visitors on both short organised tours and those travelling independently are catered for, making this an all-round essential source book on everything this region offers.
£  9.99     Northern Lights - Bradt Guide
  This travel guide provides practical guidance to the best places to view the Northern Lights, a range of accommodation options from budget hotels to Sweden's ICE HOTEL, an easy-to-understand explanation of the science, information on tour operators offering packages, tips on what to wear, northern lights forecasting, and suggestions for complementary daytime activities e.g. dog sledging, and snowshoeing
£17.99     Scandinavia - Lonely Planet Guide
  A comprehensive guide covering Iceland, Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle, Norway, Oslo, Norway's Fjords, Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Denmark, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Estonia, Finland, Helsinki, the Far North, and the Arctic Circle.  With recommendations and top picks for both popular and lesser-known experiences and itineraries to help you tailor your trip to your personal interests.
Walking & Climbing Guides
£17.95     Trekking the Kungsleden - The Kings Trail through Northern Sweden - Cicerone Press Guide BUY  

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