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If you need any help please call us on 01684 593146 (Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5.30pm), or email to: If you do not have a facility to download plans please contact us and we will produce the plans for you. With this option no vat is payable.

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    To find location use the address line option for postcode and / or address. Alternative is to expand the adjacent map – a longer option.
    Which Mapping? - Choose Road (Free to view) or Detail – Zoom in or out as required. For ‘Detail’ there is a charge of £1.20 which is waived if you then buy a plan.
    Select OS MasterMap from the ‘Products’ menu on the left.
    From pop up menu choose the product you require & ‘click’ the small circle.

    : Data Export is for downloading data only, otherwise use Print.
    (Most planning applications require only ‘black & white’ or ‘building fill’).
    Select ‘DEFINE MAP AREA’ from top of screen. The normal routine is to use PAPER SIZE which offers two drop down boxes, one is for the SCALE, (normally 1250) & one for PAPER SIZE. (start with ‘A4 VALUE’ option, or A4 portrait for 1/500 scale). Use alternative SCALE & PRINT SIZES if required.
    The pink box shows the area of your map, and the grey box the size of paper.
    If the plan needs re-centering click inside the pink box and a black circle will appear.. Click and drag the circle to your preferred location
    Click on ‘GET PRICE’ at bottom left of screen
    Once price shows click on ‘ORDER NOW’.
    If required enter information under ‘Product Information’
    Under ‘Extras’ you can add any other text and this information will appear on your plan.
    All other options are defaulted to the correct settings for your plan.
    At the bottom right of the page you must tick the small box confirming that you accept the terms and conditions, then click on ‘PLACE ORDER’.
  • PAYMENT ***
    Follow the on screen payment instructions.
    Click on YOUR ACCOUNT at top right of the screen.
    Click ORDERS PLACED at the top left of screen to see the plan(s) you have bought.
    Refresh status by clicking UPDATE ORDER STAUS until PENDING changes to DOWNLOAD - this may take a few minutes to appear.
    Click on DOWNLOAD to to get your plan.


VAT is chargeable on pdf and data purchases - Paper prints are VAT zero rated

Urban Data

Rural Data

Moorland Data

A4 Data 5 ha -  £ 49.00 20 ha - £ 53.00  80 ha £ 19.00
A3 Data 13 ha £117.00  50 ha £ 67.00 200 ha £ 20.50
A2 Data  29 ha £222.00 115 ha £ 77.50  460 ha £ 24.00
A1 Data 63 ha £250.00 253 ha £ 99.50 1000 ha £ 30.50
A0 Data 135 ha £307.00 540 ha £145.50 2150 ha £ 45.00
A3 1250 Paper Print 13 ha £ 42.50 A3 2500 Paper Print 50 ha £ 23.00
A2 1250 Paper Print 29 ha £ 80.00 A2 2500 Paper Print 115 ha £ 26.30
A1 1250 Paper Print 63 ha £ 89.50 A1 2500 Paper Print 253 ha £ 33.25
A0 1250 Paper Print 135 ha £108.00 A0 2500 Paper print 540ha £ 47.50
Also available:- Ordnance Survey VectorMap Local at 1/10000 Scale, 1/25000 and 1/50000 Scales etc.
1/25000 Enlarged from 1/50000 Scale 1/50000 Scale
  6 km x 5 km £ 10.00
A4 - 5 km x 4 km £ 10.00 A4 - 8 km x 10 km £ 24.21
A3 - 8 km x 6 km £ 15.09 A3 = 12.5 km x 16 km £ 60.35
A2 - 12.5 km x 9 km  £ 34.78 A2 - 18.5 km x 25.5 km £139.11
A1 - 18.5 km x 13.5 km £ 76.44 A1 - 27 km x 37 km £305.77
We also have Geological Maps in standard printed format, Historical Ordnance Survey Maps, Aerial Photography,
Contour Data from Environment Agency Lidar , O.S Digital Terrain and NEXTmap,

Environmental, Flood, and Sustainable Urban Drainage Reports in various formats.

Please speak to Richard or Andrew on 01684 593146 for specific quotes.


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