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The Map Shop has enabled easy access to OS MasterMap property level mapping with relevant height information in instantly usable formats. Ordnance Survey OS MasterMap® Topographic Layer is a highly accurate, flexible resource covering nationally some 400 million man-made and natural features, from fields to pillar boxes.

Environment Agency LIDAR height Data is also available for many areas giving increased accuracy of contour information normally at 1 metre interval but increasing to 0.25 metre interval in some flood areas.

Ordnance Survey DTM Contouring at 5 metre interval is also available at a similar level of accuracy to NEXTmap.

NEXTMap Britain brings you the most current, comprehensive, accurate and affordable digital elevation and image data of England, Wales and Scotland, a total of 231,326 sq. km.

Contours supplied at 1 metre intervals* are derived from the NEXTmap Britain Digital Terrain Model (DTM) composing height levels on a 5 metre grid. The DTM represents a 'bare-earth' model extracted from the original Digital Surface Model using Intermap's proprietary TerrainFit® software. This data offers an extremely cost effective means of obtaining an initial indication of a site's vertical position and characteristics.

With a tested 95 percent accuracy of ± 1.5 metres for the majority of the dataset in unobstructed and moderately sloping terrain, this dataset offers consistent detail for the UK


NOTE: As with all detailed datasets, users should ensure they fully understand the nature of the data and its limitations before use.

* 1 metre intervals are used with the intention of ensuring the provision of some information even in flat or very small areas. This does not imply any additional level of accuracy beyond that discussed in the Intermap handbook.



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